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Mid-Century Modern

When the show Mad Men became popular, I couldn’t help but notice certain design trends that started surfacing in our clothing and decor. It always amazes me how television and film influences our design styles. Mid-century modern design is one of  my favorites so I have decided to write my first post about it under my “Style Guide” category. So what is it about this style that has us so mesmerized lately? Well, it offers the memory of Grandma and the coolness of Mad Men. It’s a style on the rise so you might want to jump on the bandwagon.

Mid-century modern design evolved throughout the mid 50s, particularly from 1933 to 1965. Mid-century design is one of the three most popular within the modern design category. The other two are vintage modern and bohemian modern. I will talk about these in later posts.

From an architectural standpoint, Mid-century modern involves open floor plans and lots of windows in order to bring in the outdoors. From a design standpoint, Mid-century modern offers beautiful, sleek lines as well as durability and gravitates toward muted colors. It is perhaps the best design era for combining aesthetics and durability. Mid-century furniture includes Ercol sofas and Danish modern circular dining tables. It’s sophistication is universally popular and admired.

If you decide to purchase Mid-century modern furniture, it’s  not known for being incredibly comfortable so I might suggest mixing it up with bulkier furniture if you are using it in a main room. Scandinavian and Danish furniture companies like France & Son are the best, but if you are on a budget Ikea will do.

Here are some ways to make your room Mid-century modern.